I'm a software engineer, Wikipedian, and graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign with a degree in computer science. My interests center on operating systems, distributed computing, and security, but I enjoy working on exciting problems in many areas. You can reach me at [email protected].


A look at what I've been up to for the past several years:


Other work

  • calefaction (Python + Web // started December 2016)
    A corporation manager and dashboard for EVE Online
  • kgrader (Ruby // started March 2016)
    A code autograder for student homework submissions
  • gravity (C++ // started November 2015)
    A multiplayer top-down orbital space shooter
  • tfdclerk (JavaScript // started August 2015 // abandoned)
    An English Wikipedia user script to automate common templates for discussion operations, including closures and relisting
  • oriadnos (C // started May 2014)
    A 3D maze exploration game written from scratch using matrix manipulation code, UV texture mapping, z-buffering, and simple lighting
  • mal-decimal-scores (JS // started May 2014)
    A Chrome extension that gives you finer control over MyAnimeList.net scores
  • BAJA (Python + Web // started Jan 2014)
    A hacking game featuring multiple simulated websites, tied together by messages sent to the player from a mysterious individual using a fake email client
  • omnithinker (Python + Web // started Nov 2013)
    An online brainstorming tool that displays relevant information from the web in a sidebar
  • databanks (C // started Nov 2013)
    A simple database with a terminal-based interface for notekeeping
  • terminvaders (C // started Oct 2013)
    A terminal-based multiplayer arcade game with a client–server model inspired by Space Invaders
  • starlorn (Java // started May 2013)
    A shoot 'em up game with a sweet upgrade system and randomized levels
  • goldfish (Java // started Jan 2013)
    A simple Game of Life implementation in Java
  • cellar-strider (Python // started June 2012)
    A pseudo-roguelike game with a YAML-based level system
  • func-smash (Python // started April 2012)
    A library that tries to generate random Python functions using Markov chains
  • lobo (NetLogo // started Dec 2011)
    Logo Bolo: a re-envisioning of the classic tank game by Stuart Cheshire in NetLogo
  • git-repo-updater (Python // started June 2011)
    A console script that allows you to easily pull to multiple git repositories at once
  • benkurtovic.com (Web // started June 2011)
    The site you're viewing right now in source code form
  • music-quizzer (Python // started May 2011)
    A Tk-based program that can help you prepare for your music final with randomly-generated listening quizzes


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