Oh Look, A Blog!

Hello there.

As you can probably guess, I don’t do web development often (or at all, really). My experience lies almost completely in scripting languages like Python, a little C++ and Java, some PHP, and a handful of other things, but I tend to stick with Python almost entirely (it’s just so awesome!). Designing actual webpages (aside from coding the logic behind them – that’s another story) is kinda foreign to me.

I’m hoping to come up with a decent HTML/CSS design here over time, and eventually use the code in the rewrite of my Toolserver site. That desperately needs to be updated. Half of the “tools” don’t even work!

Either way, the Toolserver site rewrite (which will eventually be a GitHub repo) will go hand-in-hand with the EarwigBot rewrite that has been underway since April. I’m thinking that there will be a main repository – something like earwig/toolserver-public – that will essentially be everything inside the public_html folder. That will contain docs about EarwigBot and my various (new) tools, the main index.(html|php) file, and the CSS/image crud. Individual tools, which consist of code and web UI, will be their own repos (think earwig/toolserver-copyvio-intersect) which will be git submodules in the main toolserver-public repo. I think this could work.

Right now, I have to finish up EarwigBot’s feature/config-rewrite branch, merge that into develop, and get the live version of EarwigBot’s config files updated. Once that’s settled, the bot’s backbone is essentially complete (finally!) The only remaining tasks are to start working on the actual wiki API interface, and when that’s done, the bot tasks themselves. Easily a summer of work, but when it’s complete, EarwigBot should be mostly finished, and up to at least version 1.0!

So… questions? Comments? H8 mail? Lay it on me!