I'm a software developer and Wikipedian currently studying computer science at the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign. My work mostly focuses on text parsing and analysis, but I'm also interested in programming language theory and algorithm design. Want to chat? Contact me at [email protected].


A look at what I've been up to for the past few years:


Other work

  • oriadnos (C // started May 2014)
    A 3D maze exploration game written from scratch using matrix manipulation code, UV texture mapping, z-buffering, and simple lighting
  • mal-decimal-scores (JS // started May 2014)
    A Chrome extension that gives you finer control over MyAnimeList.net scores
  • BAJA (Python + Web // started Jan 2014)
    A hacking game featuring multiple simulated websites, tied together by messages sent to the player from a mysterious individual using a fake email client
  • omnithinker (Python + Web // started Nov 2013)
    An online brainstorming tool that displays relevant information from the web in a sidebar
  • databanks (C // started Nov 2013)
    A simple database with a terminal-based interface for notekeeping
  • terminvaders (C // started Oct 2013)
    A terminal-based multiplayer arcade game with a client–server model inspired by Space Invaders
  • starlorn (Java // started May 2013)
    A shoot 'em up game with a sweet upgrade system and randomized levels
  • goldfish (Java // started Jan 2013)
    A simple Game of Life implementation in Java
  • cellar-strider (Python // started June 2012)
    A pseudo-roguelike game with a YAML-based level system
  • func-smash (Python // started April 2012)
    A library that tries to generate random Python functions using Markov chains
  • lobo (NetLogo // started Dec 2011)
    Logo Bolo: a re-envisioning of the classic tank game by Stuart Cheshire in NetLogo
  • git-repo-updater (Python // started June 2011)
    A console script that allows you to easily pull to multiple git repositories at once
  • earwig.github.io (Web // started June 2011)
    The site you're viewing right now in source code form
  • music-quizzer (Python // started May 2011)
    A Tk-based program that can help you prepare for your music final with randomly-generated listening quizzes


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